Thursday, November 13, 2008

an unfinished dream...

A clear dark sky... a bright white moon... a pleasant silence... the music like sound of the waves lashing against the sand... and there we were... he and I, hand in hand, trying hard to see what tomorrow holds for us. We barely spoke... but the silence said a lot more than words can weigh!

We were weaving a tomorrow for ourselves... oblivious to what the big bad mean world had in store for us. But then who hasn't heard of... Who Dares Wins!!! We dared... to dream.

Life was like never before... everything around just seemed so special. We did things we hated to do before... just coz it made the other happy. A perfect life is hard to have. But somehow our life seemed perfect and complete now.

Nothing comes easy in life. We had our ups and downs... downs more often!!! But somehow we tried hard to fight out everything that came our way.

Things were slowly falling in place... our tomorrow didn't seem too far away... we decided to have a fairy tale beginning to our tale...

There I was... all set to step into a new life... a new world... a new tomorrow... woven only for me and him... and there he was... just around the corner... atop a white horse... galloping away towards me with a smile on his face...

I stood there with a smile on my face and a tear in the eye... waiting impatiently for him to get closer and whisk me up close to him... and ride me into our tomorrow... the tomorrow we were longing for.

He reached me at last... stretched out his hand... I held it too... and then all of a sudden everything froze and came to a standstill!!!

There was a music playing out of the blue... wedding bells chiming... naaah... something that went like... 'Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi... Hairaan hoon main....' the song from the movie Masoom.... and the music just got louder and louder... till I woke up to hear myself tell...'Damn!!! It was all a dream!!!'.

It was my mobile alarm tone that put a mean and rude end to the tomorrow of my dreams!!! I was left all alone staring at the ceiling... and almost screaming out aloud... 'WHY ME!!!'

PS: I haven't given up dreaming... I don't believe in leaving things unfinished... dreams are no exception!!!


Sandeep said...

Keep your dreams alive Priya. Just remember that all that you have now with you were once things you could only have hoped for... Probably you could ask yourself "Why me??", but you'll only end up smiling!

Keep blogging Priya, you're living in a crazy world out here! May be you'll have the next great story to tell! But remember to think about Arthur Ashe when you get this urge to ask yourself "Why me?" :-)

priya said...


Thanks for droping by and leaving your comment too.

Thanks for your opinions on the whole 'Why Me' idea of mine :)