Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hmmmm... in... where do I start!!!

Was in one of those big time 'WHY ME' moods... and in all that josh n negative enthu decided to blog such 'why me' moments... went all out and created the blog, checked availability of all kinds of senti titles for the blog and finally settled for KyunMe...

You probably think the hinglish bug has bitten me real hard... yeah but not this time... my mind didn't go beyond 'Why Me'... unfortunately that blog name was taken... (guess some blogger in some part of the world was probably in one of those big time 'WHY ME' moods before me :P)... and i decided to settle for 'Kyun Me'... what an explanation!!! Hmmm... but thats how meaningless things seem when you're in the 'Kyun Me' mood... so the title stays as is!!!

Now where was I... yeah, I got the blog space up and running with a title, template and some gadgets here and there... and then when I had to begin ranting out my 'Why Me' tales... the Arian in me woke up... its tough you know for us high headed, stubborn variety of the zodiac to share our woes and cribs in public... so here I am... stuck for words... but I'll be back... soon... I've started wanting , more oftener than ever before, to stand up and scream... 'WHY ME!!!'

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