Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drenched :)

I stepped out of office last evening and there was a slight drizzle. Out of the blue... coz it was pretty warm through the day. Obviously I wasn't carrying an umbrella.

By the time I reached my office gate it started raining heavily. I had to cover a 5 minute walk to the railway station. The dupatta played saving grace cum style statement (I love draping the dupatta over the head - for the shy good girl effect it creates :P). Not to mention I was completely wet by the time I got to the station.

I've always hated getting wet in the rain... would have smirked at myself last evening and thought I found one more for the 'Why Me' series :).

But somehow I enjoyed the rains last evening. Didn't mind getting wet in the rain at all. Hmmm... just brought back some memories that almost made me forget that I was wet and drenched. Cribby me forgot that am supposed to crib about it!!!

Just read some 90-10 principle by self-help guru Stephen Covey. According to him 10% of life is made up of what happens to us and 90% of life is decided by how you react! He goes on to say that we have no control over 10% of what happens to us but the rest of the 90% depends entirely on how we react to that 10%. Guess the rains and getting wet in it was the 10%... and am glad I controlled the remaining 90% by not cribbing and sulking. What a fantastic parallel I've drawn :P

If Mr. Covey reads this blog he'll probably think he has been successful with his gyaan!!! Watch out Mr. Covey... I'll be back to cribbing and 'Why Me'-ing... coz every day is not a rainy day!!!


Bakri said...

This entry is sooo amazing!! :) It's damn funny! Esp the draping the dupatta part..
You sound like a fun-person!! :) We didn't get to be around each other too much man!

priya said...

@bakri - thanks for the comment n for coming into my khufiya space online :P

oh yes... wish we'd had time together... we'll try n cover up thru blogger :)