Sunday, November 23, 2008

Karzzzzzzzzz.....*yawn*... zzzz!!!

The feeling of not having cribbed for a while was making me feel incomplete. I was worried my new blog series won't work out. And then came along a weekend when I happened to watch the Himesss Ressammmiya starrer Karzzz...(dunno how many z's the movie name has actually).

Take an old movie, pick up stars who are not doing too much work, use up latest filming technology and roll out a brand new movie - and there you have a remake ready. Yes, remakes are the latest fad among Bollywood directors.

This time it was Satish Kaushik's turn. Karzz is a remake of Subhash Ghai's superhit Karz of long time back.

Am not a big Himesh fan... but I'm not the 'it is fashionable to crib about Himesh' variety either. I had not seen his earlier acting attempt... so I thought I'll give Karzz a chance. Sometimes, thinking is criminal!!!

The movie was painfully boring. Himesh should stick to singing (??!! :P). The poor guy looked so uncomfortable while speaking, crying and attempting to emote, fight and dance. Guess that just about covers everything about acting. :P

Rishi Kapoor as Monty was a heart-throb. Himesh as Monty left a painful throb in the heart and mind!!!

The rest of the cast were overacting personified... total melodrama... no substance!!!

Urmila was a let down. She had such heavy make-up in the second half where she was supposed to look old. In the first half she had very little make-up... but that made her look naturally old :P :P.

Gulshan Grover... the Bad Man of Bollywood didn't scare me one bit. He had some weird gizmo arm... that he used to communicate as he could not speak!!! Somehow these oddities got generously ignored in older Bollywood movies. Nowadays I doubt it works!!!

I liked Dino Morea in his guest appearance. Looked good and did a decent job too. Wish he had more screen time :)

Songs were ok. The classic Ek Hasina Thi and its famous music recreated the old Karz charm. Tandoori Nights, Sisak Sisak Ke and Lut Jaoon are ok to hear... but don't really bother seeing the videos.

One thing that we must commend the makers of the movie for... their enormous foresight for the extra Zzz's in the movie's title :P :P

I wasted my time watching this one... please don't waste yours on it.

My rating for Karzzz... 'Whyzzzzz Meezzzz!!!' :P

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