Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Break Down

I usually take a share auto from Guindy to Adyar every evening on the way back home from office.

Last evening just as I stepped out of the Guindy subway I saw this bus that goes to Adyar. It was not crowded at all... for a change. The driver was slowly starting off from the bus stop. Had been a while since I had boarded a bus in motion... here was my chance. I did just that... but didn't enjoy it as much. Another lady shared the same chance and we almost bumped into each other. The thrill of boarding a moving bus was muddled by this confusion!!! I almost said 'Why Me' but then I found a seat to sit and I guess that took care of it :)

All of a sudden the bus screeched to a halt at the Little Mount signal. Apparently the driver banged into someone or some vehicle. I was in no mood to find out what it was. The driver was forced to pull the bus to a halt and we were asked to take another bus. I was so lost in thought that I got off matter of factly and decided to wait for a share auto at that busy Little Mount junction. I waited for around 15 mins... but there was no auto I could get into. The bright yellow lights of the speeding vehicles were scary and blinding.

And then, even as I stood there, I saw my bus moving... I guess the driver had settled scores with whoever or whatever he banged into and was on his way ahead now. There was no way I could get into that bus now coz of the heavy traffic... All I could do there was ask myself... 'Why Me!!!'.

PS: for the sympathetic reader variety who want to know what i did next to resolve this mundane nothing of an issue... :P... i Walked down to the Saidapet court bus stop after a while and got another bus to Adyar. Autos and share autos are extremely elusive when you need them the most :)

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