Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bulls, The Bears, The Me

The Stock Market was always something that I kept safe distance from. Somehow in the winter of 2007 I fell to the temptation of the bulls and the bears.

I am a safe player. I did all kinds of calculations, kept away from the costly blue chip scrips, chose some small yet promising ones and invested around 20 grands across 3 stocks.

I kept track of the market daily and monitored my portfolio on an hourly basis. This is what is called First Time Investor Syndrome... and it had struck me big time.

Over the next few months the market leapt to record highs... I was ecstatic. The small investor in me had made some extra dough. But then First Time Investor Syndrome didn't prompt me to sell my stocks and enjoy the extra dough :( I decided to wait till the extra became a little more extra... the 'thoda aur chahiye' symptom of the Syndrome perhaps.

After accounting for the global meltdown, record lows that the Sensex has fallen to... 20K now stands at around 8K. 12 grands may be peanuts for the rest of the world... but for someone afflicted by the First Time Investor Syndrome... I'm left asking myself... 'Why Me!!!'

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